Who We Are?

As TCI TURKEY; We are dedicated to the allocation of personnel expertise which based on individual competency with specific materials. Our surveyors are experts of years of experience in their different commodities. Each surveyor is highly familiar with peculiar characteristics of the commodity that they are dealing with. This is especially important in case of claims and contradictory surveys where really knowledgeable experts are indispensable.

Besides technical expertise we have an high understanding of trading conditions, terms and expectancies both on supplier and receiver side. We provide our services with a solution focus and a proactive approach. On top of standard inspection services, our aim is to determine potential issues and help our clients before such issues turns into a real problem. We are also have official partnership with Amspec LLC, which provides high quality inspection service regarding all product types all around the world.

We provide inspection services all around Turkey. Our headoffice is in Istanbul. We also have offices in;

  • Samsun
  • Izmit Gulf
  • Bandirma
  • Gemlik Region
  • Nemrut Bay & Aegean Region
  • Iskenderun & Mersin Region